Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get Movin!

Hey Crafters.     I wan't to take a little bit of time to let you know what is going on and my new revelations about crafting.   I recently posted something on Twitter     --- how long do you keep preparing, before you get going?"     And that seems to be the status of my life in the world of crafting.

I am a subscriber to many Youtube Channels and watch them for education as well as inspiration.   I read a ton of blogs of the crafters I find most like my own design areas.    I have a huge studio and I've been collecting supplies for ever but never jump full force into using or completing what I had originally intended.

I believe it is time to "get moving".     I put myself on a moritorium of spending, except getting better lighting put in my studio and electricity ran to several more outlets.    I've been reorganizing all that I have and sectioning off the room into different craft centers.    Next, I think I keep procrastinating because of my love of all types of crafts.    I love repurposing items or transforming them into other things.   I sew, quilt, embroider.  I needle point, cross stitch and cross paint.   I make cards and paper projects, only I have never got into scrapbooking.   I also am starting to do a little jewelry making.  

Basically, I love the feeling I get when I have made something with my own two hands.     But I find that even though I love crafting, I spend too much time trying to keep learning.    So I've convinced myself to get after it and put limits to the computer.

I also find myself to be a perfectionist with OCD tendancies.   So I often feel like I must get everything prepped before I can begin.   I want to open a store to sell the things I make and transform but I don't want to make a mistake (see the perfectionist there)?   I want to make videos to share the setbacks and stumbling blocks that have beset me.  

So I encourage you, if you find yourself doing the same thing.   Just pick one thing and get going with it.   No one will know if it isn't perfect - only you.  If you think it is good, then share it.  But I think you will find out like I did, it is the imperfections that allow others to relate to you.         Ready, set go.............

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