Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Late Night Companion

I am a late night person.   During the day, I do my househols business, then move on to my personal business and crafts.   So after supper and a little TV.... I come to the den and check my mail and of course Facebook.  

Then onto Youtube and blogs that I subscribe to.     I try to watch the latest upload, If you do this, you know how long this takes.  So sadly, as I scroll down the list of recent uploads.   I must skip some.  Or I put them in the watch later section.

Sometimes I think  "I know this" but I hang in there an find new ideas and get truly encouraged.   Having a plan makes things go so much faster.

So it is now a little beforer 1 am.   and as I am in the den, one of my 3 yorkies come to visit.  Almost saying ..."come to bed"  Sometimes all 3 come to visit.  I have an 12 year old mamma.  Her ony livng offspring.  He will be 10 this coming December.   His daddy passed away in 2008.    In 2009, I got a little teacup.  So he will be 5 in March but we still call him the baby.

No matter what you are going through, they show so much unconditional love.  We put 2 little beds in this den and they share it.... But tonight, as I look over my chair,  Truth is curled up in the babies bed.

I hopw you find the same delight in your pets:

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