Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My momma yorkie "Grace".  She is Truth's mom.  She is a licker and I caught her in action.

My teacup yorkie " Samson"

This is my yorkie "Truth"

A few things I have made recently:

A friend posted this on Facebook and I have not found the author. I would love to turn this into an embroidery file. We both have lost mothers to breast cancer and I have a sister who is a survivor of breast cancer. You are never to old to start getting checked. If you find it early you can get rid of it before it spreads and is too late. We all need to get checked yearly and it really isn't as embarrassing as you might think. We all have them, some just a little bigger than others. Tell me what you think of the design.

Trying to set up a bloglovin account
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Wow, it is already the 2nd week of 2013,  I have high hopes of learning how everyone else juggles updating a blog, making videos and completing their crafts.    Big goals, but first I have a bunch of sewing to finich and then back on paper crafts.  

I have spent so long collecting, gathering, hauling or thrifting that I never seem to get up and running.  Also dealing with Ebay and trying to set up ETSY and Zibbit.  

Most of you know it is about getting the cash flow rolling to support my habit---------------crafts.