Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting started

I wrote that I wanted to get back to crafting and I have.   I love the idea of card-making or projects more than "scrap booking"  I enjoy crochet, knitting, tatting, sewing, woodworking....I go on too much.  But I needed to gather supplies.  I did join Stampin' up to get a starter kit.  I am considered a demonstrator, but I have decided that I don't want to "demonstrate" until I know more of what I am doing.  

In the interim, I have been getting a base of products.  Where or how you might ask.  First off with the minimum amount of cash I can.  I started going to every the thrift stores in my area or any area I was in.  When going to any appointment in another city.  I got material, paint, thread, buttons, even cups and saucers to make as gifts..  Thinking outside the box I would get whatever I could find that might make a difference.  Next I looked at goodwill online.  You can bid for things in other states.  I got eBay products and Cricut cartridges for much less than from Provo Craft or Wal-mart.  ETSY is a niche shop but often these are people like myself selling their goods and not at wholesale prices.  But you can still find a lot of things.

Just look around, you would be surprised at the things you can find if you will look.   Craig's list have craft supplies from someone who wants to get out of the business.

So now, what to do.   I love so many types of crafting  where do I start.   Well I am going to make Christmas gifts with my Cricut and my Cuttlebug.   The things that wrap nugget chocolate are my project for the week.

Oh, and all along I've made the occasional birthday card and took a picture of the end product.  I am hopeful to post them when I feel ready to start with videos or other blog instructions.  

I have a long list of subscriptions of the crafters I enjoy on my own YouTube  DEELIGHTFULCO.    

If you happened onto my blog.  Hope I've give you some ides.